I help my clients build wellness with a unique Integrated Massage. My passion for all things holistic means I research & learn new modalities regularly. My combination of western & intuitive therapy styles addresses all layers of the human body: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, & Energetic. With each session I listen to what my clients body is telling me. I read the muscles and use my intuition to guide the treatment, incorporating a blend of modalities to heal the muscles and balance the posture. Clients receive feedback for self-care to insure they incorporate the day's healing into their everyday lives, prolonging the benefits of the session. I offer a myriad of tools to help each person make healthier choices, release old patterns and create better ones. My goal is to inspire and empower my clients towards wellness with each decision they make every day. Relaxation is always the ultimate goal, release of muscles, release of unhelpful habits, a blend of serenity and balance.


Gudrun Strmic Therapist leaning on a tree

Gudrun Anna Strmic
Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, Holistic Nutrition
Intuitive Therapist, Certified MyoKinesthetic System Practitioner, Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner.
I love to lead a healthy lifestyle and feel invigorated when I help others do so.  I started massage therapy with a strong base in neuromuscular massage therapy and continued with my education to become a Certified MyoKinesthetic Practitioner, one of about 300 in the world.  It's a nervous system treatment that alleviates and eliminates pain by correcting and balancing the posture. I continue my passion for learning every day and incorporate numerous modalities into each session. Using this varied background of knowledge, I have created my own style of treatment that is effective and efficient as a Pain Relief Specialist. My clients include competitive athletes, fitness instructors, desk employees, those that travel a lot, stay at home parents, teenagers, babies and more. They have found that my strengths help them achieve their goals and remain healthy.  Also certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, I am able to further help my clients on their quest for a pain free and healthy lifestyle. Treatments may include sports massage, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point therapy, tapping, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release.

 In addition to the physical, therapeutic modalities, I add another layer of healing using Reiki & vibrational energy.  This creates a balanced, intuitive session for clients each and every time. Other passions and services include prenatal & postnatal massage, teaching meditation classes, self-care workshops and offering intuitive card readings.
Member of: American Massage Therapy Association (www.AMTAMassage.org) #7298
National Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (www.ncbtmb.org) #597606-10

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Intuitive Massage Therapy

Gudrun’s style of massage is unique to her training & intuition. Each session is tailored for each client. She infuses each session with a myriad of holistic modalities based on what the client’s body is telling her. As she palpates the muscles, she listens to the subtle information stored in the body and guides the body into releasing as it is ready. Over the years, a gentler approach has shown effective & efficient; however, deep tissue is utilized as needed.
Holistic modalities often utilized at The Healing Arts includes neuromuscular massage, energy or vibrational work, Reiki, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point massage, deep tissue, Swedish massage, pre & postnatal massage, and tapping. We provide self care tips and offer classes for our clients to further their healing.


Reiki/Energy Work

Receive energy work to balance chakras, ground, feel centered or calm, relieve mental or emotional blocks and more. Energy work taps into your intuitive ability to heal and the universe's ability to help. The therapist channels the energy and also helps direct the energy when needed. 
This is often enhanced by incorporating a Tarot or Oracle card reading. The reading provides further guidance to the information Gudrun channeled during a session.


MyoKinesthetic System

A nervous system treatment that eliminates or alleviates pain by correcting and balancing the posture. Gudrun is one of very few certified practitioners in this discipline.
More about Myokinesthetics HERE

In Addition

With each unique session comes unique information for further healing.  Gudrun may offer additional support with at home stretches, occupational corrections, nutritional support, meditations, breath work and more. If you come to her office, then she knows you’re seeking harmony and balance in your body. She is happy to share her knowledge with you.


If you are interested in learning even more about what I do, Check out this article HERE



"I've been a client of Gudrun's since 2014. I am a dancer and dance anywhere from 10 to 15 hours a week which causes injuries, tight and sometimes strained muscles, etc. Gudrun not only relieves my pain/discomfort, but teaches me preventive measures. I am truly happy that we found her and that she has taken me on as one of her clients! I highly recommend her!"

Kira H. - Competetive Dancer


"I can't say enough about the healing that takes place with Gudrun at The Healing Arts. I saw a demo of her MyoKinesthetic Release and I have been utilizing Gudrun's abilities within this system ever since. I can truly feel a difference when I visit her regularly."

Sylvia B.


My husband and I have been getting massages from Gudrun for a few months now, and are truly feeling the benefits. We both work at desks and sit all day, which definitely takes its toll. I highly recommend The Healing Arts Center if you want holistic massage therapy that works! I am so thankful that we found Gudrun!

Maggie W. 




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